Point-n-Click Software Legally Steals TRAFFIC

From Popular Social Content and Sends It To YOUR Offer Pages, Opt-In Pages, and Even Affiliate Links In Minutes...

  • More traffic, subscribers, and sales on autopilot
  • Legally steal traffic from popular social content
  • Send traffic to opt-in, sales, or affiliate pages
  • Point-n-click simple works in just a few clicks
  • No list, product, or marketing experience needed
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee

Price Going UP In...

SociFunnel is hands down one of the best ways in which to utilize and BENEFIT from viral traffic.  Not only can it generate TONS of traffic it also helps you to monetize that traffic by sending each and EVERY visitor to any page you like.  Genius!

Andy Black

I am amazed how easy SociFunnel is to setup and how fast it can start generating free traffic.  Instead of trying to make content that goes viral, just use SociFunnel to grab traffic from the hottest content that’s already there.  I love it!

James Knight

Brett Ingram here...

and I'm going to show you how to SOLVE the biggest problem with Internet marketing...

getting TRAFFIC.

Let's face it...it's getting harder and harder to get people's attention online.  And if they don't see your offers or click your links, no matter what you're offering you're dead in the water.

I'm going to show you a REAL, legal way to not just get traffic...but actually steal traffic from the social content that already gets the MOST views, shares, and clicks.

Then you can send that traffic anywhere you want...to your opt-in pages to build your list, offer pages to make sales, or even affiliate links to earn commissions.

And it's point-n-click simple...

no list, no products, and no marketing experience required to get started in minutes.

Imagine Grabbing These 55,130,332 Visitors and Sending Them To YOUR Opt-in, Offer, and Affiliate Pages...

The easiest way to get traffic...is to step in front of where it already is.

With SociFunnel, you can step in front of ANY high-traffic social content...videos, images, text, or other posts...and send that traffic to any link or page YOU want...

  • opt-in pages to add subscribers and build your list
  • offer pages to sell your products and make money
  • affiliate or CPA pages to generate commissions

SociFunnel is New Software That Legally Steals Traffic From the Hottest Social Content and Sends It To YOUR Opt-in, Offer, and Affiliate Pages To Generate...

FREE Subscribers and Sales for You on Autopilot

 Click To See The Power of SociFunnel In Action...

First Find and Grab Popular YouTube Videos, Add Your Own Headline and Tagline, and Post To Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIN in Just a Few Clicks

SociFunnel lets you search YouTube for popular, high-traffic videos...then it grabs them for you and lets you add your own headline and tagline...

...and post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIN in just a few clicks...

and when people click your posts they go to YOUR page and see the content they want AND your opt-in form, sales page, or affiliate offer.

Then SociFunnel Legally Steals Their Traffic and Sends It To Your Opt-in Page, Offer Page, or Even Affiliate Link...To Build Your List and Earn You Commissions Automatically

You Might Be Thinking...Sounds Great But Does It Work?

We Did a Simple Quick Test and LOOK at the Results...

(That's From 100% FREE Traffic)

SociFunnel Generates FREE Traffic On Demand For You...To Build Your List, Sell Your Products, or Earn Affiliate Commissions...or Better Yet Do ALL 3

SociFunnel is superpower software...you can see from my quick test I made sales and affiliate commissions...quick and easy profits from FREE traffic.

While I can't guarantee any specific results for you, you can see mine and clearly how powerful this software is.  But don't let that fool you...

it's also fast and easy to use.

In fact, you're up and running in just 3 steps so easy my 8-year old can do it.

SociFunnel is So Easy To Use My 8-Year Old Can Do It

(Just 3 Easy Steps)


Installing SociFunnel is a snap...

...just upload SociFunnel like any other plugin to any WordPress site and you're ready to go in minutes...


Search YouTube by keyword right inside the software and filter by view count, rating, relevance, or newest and choose a video...

...add your own headline and tagline...

...then choose the link or page you want to send traffic to...


post it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIN in 1 click...

...and watch the traffic pour in to YOUR link or page!


SociFunnel is so fast and easy to setup, you can start driving REAL, targeted traffic wherever you want starting TODAY...

SociFunnel is Packed With Awesome Features and Benefits

Fully Automated

SociFunnel lets you grab videos, customize them, and post them to popular social sites from right inside the software so there's no tedious switching windows and copy and pasting to get free traffic for your pages and links.

Search Grab Any YouTube Video

SociFunnel lets you search YouTube by keyword and filter results by view count, rating, relevance, or newest to find and grab exactly the right video for what you want.

Add Custom Headline and Tagline

Add your own attention-grabbing headline and tagline to make your video unique and compelling and virtually force visitors to click

FREE Viral Traffic

SociFunnel generates free viral traffic for any link or webpage you choose...when you post popular content combined with a juicy headline to your social accounts visitors can't help but click and share

Build Your Subscriber List

Send traffic to your autoresponder opt-in pages to get a flood of targeted list subscribers on autopilot

Make Autopilot Sales

Send traffic to your product offer pages to make a continuous flow of sales automatically

Autopilot Affiliate Commissions

Send free traffic to any affiliate or CPA offer to generate hands-free commissions on autopilot

Lightbox Hover Feature

Show visitors the video they clicked on in a lightbox with YOUR page behind it so when they finish the video or close it they see your page instantly

Embed on Any WordPress Page

Embed the video on any page and add YOUR content to it so visitors see what they clicked on AND your offer or opt-in at the same time

Use on Any WordPress Site

SociFunnel is a WordPress plugin that works on any WordPress site with nearly every theme and other plugin.

You can send free traffic to any page or post or even links not on your WordPress site

Unlimited Income Streams

Send as much traffic as you want to as many opt-in, offer, and affiliate pages as you want.  There is no limit to the pages, videos, products, or the niches you can cash in on.

Works with Every Autoresponder

SociFunnel works with every autoresponder--from Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, ConstantContact--to even custom and self-hosted autoresponders too and builds your list for you automatically

Stats-at-a-Glance Dashboard

Check stats for all of your SociFunnels on the Stats Dashboard page to see exactly what videos and posts are getting the most free traffic.

Best In Class Software

We used best-in-class software development to make sure you and your visitors have a smooth flawless experience and that SociFunnel runs perfectly right out of the box.

Personal Support

We spent a ton of time and money making sure the software is easy to use and we loaded the members area with training videos too.  But if you do get stuck, reach out to us and we'll be glad to help get you going.

Here's What You Get With SociFunnel

I put everything into SociFunnel to make sure you love it. But if for some odd reason you find it's not for you...if you're not 100% convinced it's worth 10 TIMES your investment...just let us know within 30 days and we'll deactivate your software and refund your money.

No hard feelings. We'll still part as friends...

SociFunnel LITE
SociFunnel PRO

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fade-leftfade-rightFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • q-iconDo I need Wordpress to use SociFunnel?

    Yes.  SociFunnel is a Wordpress plugin and requires Wordpress 4.0 or higher installed on your site (will not work with hosted Wordpress.com sites)

  • q-iconAre there any upsells?

    Yes, but they are not needed to use the software.  The upsells include extra features, developer’s license, and marketing training.

  • q-iconWill SociFunnel work on PC and Mac?

    Yes.  SociFunnel is a Wordpress plugin so it works on any system.  Just setup a website with Wordpress and upload the plugin to get started in minutes.

  • q-iconWhat if I need help?

    We support our products and our customers.  We made SociFunnel simple to use, but if you run into issues submit a ticket at our support desk and we’ll help you out.

  • q-iconDoes it work with all themes and plugins?

    We have tested SociFunnel with a lot of different themes and plugins, and it works great with most of them.  If you do run into a problem let us know and we’ll see if we can fix it.

  • q-iconDo you have a refund policy?

    We want you to be totally satisfied.  If anytime within 30 days you aren’t thrilled with SociFunnel submit a ticket at our support desk and we’ll deactivate your license and refund your money.

Your Partner in Success,

Luther N.


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